Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Jack tripped and fell into the chair yesterday. It was major trauma at our house. Don't you love the food remnants in his mouth. I was hoping that this would save me some money in the future, but he did not even give himself a frenectomy. It was only the lip.
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My sister Julie also blessed her little girl Nora the same weekend we blessed Sam.

Jack's cousins Clyde and Alice came over to play the other day. Jack loves to play with Clyde. But sometimes he is not good at sharing. Hopefully Clyde will still want to come play.
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Sam One Month Old

Jack loves being the big brother. Sam loves to watch Jack run around.
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Sam's Blessing Day

We blessed Sam on March 1, 2009. We were so blessed to have so many family members and friends there to share this special day.

My sister in law Gel drove over from Portland with her kids Taylee, Addie, and Jackson. She also brought my sister Erin from Vancouver. It was so fun to have them here. Jack loves to play with his cousins.
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