Monday, August 24, 2009

Sam 6 Months old

Sam is now 6 months old. He always has a smile for everyone, especially daddy. He will get mad if Shawn walks by without saying "hi" to him. He sits up by himself but is not interested in rolling over. He hates to be on his stomach because he has to lift that big head.
Sam has the most beautiful blue eyes. I hope that he keeps them.

Jack can't let me take pictures of Sam without getting at least one of him.
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Clyde and Family said...

They're so cute! Time flies! See you soon!

Amanda said...

I can't believe how old Sam is already! And what a good-looking set of boys you have!

Gallagher Haven said...

Yeah pictures! Ok... where do I start? You look great (I really like your hair dark). Sam+chub= cute baby! And Jack is truly a little boy! What happened!? BTW, I'm loving the fire pit in the backyard... you'll have to let me know where you scored that cool thing.